18 KARAT GOLD - Jewellery

Our 18 karat gold collections are set with especially beautiful and handpicked gemstones such as Sapphires, Morganite, Beryl, black Diamond, white Diamond, Brilliants, Emeralds, Turquoise, Coral and many other lovely and unique gemstones. 18 karat gold has the stamp 750. This refers to the finenes, the amount of fine gold it contains, which is 75%. 18 karat gold is said to have a high percentage of gold, and holds the english descriotion "Fine". Your Carré 18 karat gold jewellery will get a fine patina over time. A piece of gold jewellery can be freshened up with a clean and polish in our shops.

Carré tilbyder et stort og varieret udvalg af øreringe, ringe, halskæder, armbånd og andre smykketyper. Fællestrækkene for Carrés design er det farverige, detaljerige og ikke mindst det sentimentale: Vores kollektioner appellerer til sanserne, stemninger, håb og drømme, og netop derfor navngives stort alle smykkekollektioner med et familienavn.
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