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Gem Candy is our newest collection with a mix of both new and familiar gemstones. The collection is made in sterling silver and 23 carat goldplated sterling silver.

Rings in gold and silver are among our favourite pieces at Carré.

Rings are the jewellery that we see all the time when we are wearing it. When we cook, when we eat, when we work and when we are daydreaming. We can see them without the use of a mirror. Whether it be a ring in gold, vermeil, silver or a mix, they all tell a personal story.

Carré uses gemstones in most of our rings both in gold and in silver. We use stones such as amethyst, aventurine, sapphires in pink, blue and yellow, as well as black, white and even champagne coloured diamonds. We also have Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Freshwater Pearls and many more gemstones in our collections, and they can all be used in infinite and delightful combinations.

Rings in gold and silver set with gemstones enhance the colour of our skin. They can be worn individually or they can be stacked. They can be worn on every single finger or in unusual places for a personal twist. One oversized ring on the index finger and perhaps one small band on the little finger will give an artsy and creative vibe. Unusual pairings such as Amethyst and Coral can enhance colours and offer infinitely possibilities in accessorising.

Hands can be small or large, wide or narrow and they can have that certain texture that life rewards us with. Hands have like our faces a lot of personality and they will always become beautiful with a bit of colour and bling.

When we give a ring as a present to someone special, we know that this person will wear the ring in the days to come and perhaps look at it and think of us. Rings are visible memories and can become a symbol of the situation or occasion in which the ring was given. Very often rings are given to commemorate life’s important events such as engagements, weddings, graduations, confirmations or Mother’s day.

To treat yourself to a beautiful ring ‘just because’ or for a special occasion is the best way of spoiling yourself. You can always find a good reason to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Here at Carré we wrap your ring in a beautiful box whether the gift is for yourself or a loved one. The box can be kept and used to store your jewellery at home and on your travels, this way they are taken care of and will stay in good condition

Gem Candy is a collection of gems in specially selected colours, reminiscent of an old-fashioned sweet shop. The collection is available both in gold-dipped silver, polished sterling silver and 18 carat gold. The characteristic pin-stripe ring rail is hand-made, generating a lively play of light that emphasizes the most stunning aspect of the almost candy-like stones.

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